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Nemo boat in Agay

Have your kids ever dreamt of discovering the treasures of the Great Ocean? It is possible during your holiday at Villa Terre d’Azur! The "Capitaine Némo", a boat with an underwater view will immerse your kids (and you) in the marvellous world of fish, crustaceans, starfish and seaweed that resembles the hair of the Sirens.

This lovely boat departs from the port of Agay. You will enjoy this underwater journey on Cap Dramont and from there you will also see from closeby l’île d’Or that has inspired Hergé for his album of Tintin l’île Noir (De zwarte rotsen / The Black Island). You will truely feel like an adventurist!


From 17 April to 9 September at the old harbour of Agay: +33 (0)4 94 82 71 45

15€ adult – 10€ kids

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