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Gendarmerie Nationale de Saint-Tropez

If you are travelling to Villa Terre d’Azur with teenagers let them view some of the iconic Louis de Funès movies of the Gendarmerie de Saint -Tropez in the car or watch them together before the trip as a family event. They are really hilarious and so typical French! During your stay at Villa Terre d’Azur you will probably visit Saint-Tropez, then stop over at the Gendarmerie Nationale, where the movies are recorded and which is now a museum dedicated to these movies and to the history of movies made in Saint-Tropez. Revive the iconic scenes and leave the museum with a big smile!

The building was the police place of Saint-Tropez from 1879 till 2003 and the museum shows a replica of the real place in the sixties, where the movies were recorded, together with many other elements from the 60s and 70s’ movies from Saint-Tropez including Romy Schneider and Brigitte Bardot, that are still so iconic.

Address: 2, Place Blanqui – Saint-Tropez (04 94 55 90 20)

Price: 4€ for adults, 2€ for 12-18y, children <12 are free

Open from 10h (closed 17h-19h, depending on the season)

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