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Aire de Jugy on the way to Villa Terre d'Azur

And here’s a tip for our guests who travel to Villa Terre d'Azur with children.


Approximately in the middle of the journey there is a lovely stopping place: Aire de Jugy, in Jugy/Tournus, just after Chalon-sur-Saône, before Mâcon. The parking lot is announced by cute figures on mushrooms. A funny male on a mushroom rises above the bushes and invites you to stop here. Whoever accepts the invitation and takes a rest arrives in a different world. A fairytale world, full of playhouses and slides. Children laugh and scream when they arrive here, they jump and climb between the strange shapes and instandly forget the road trip.


For the parents it is a delight to watch the scenery. The cheerful mushrooms are a work of art in itself. Truly a wonderful stop!

You only have to think of supplying yourself with food and drinks because there is no restaurant / cafe / gas station at this Aire. Also, it is only admissable from the way to the South of France, not from the way back….

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