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The city of Grasse situated 20 km from the city of Cannes is worldwide known for its perfume factories and recognized as Unesco heritage. Since the 16th century, Grasse has been the world centre of the perfume industry. Many famous perfumes such as Chanel 5 were created here. You can visit museums that explain the history of perfume making, modern flower factories where you experience the process of modern day soap and perfum making and you can even participate in your own perfume creation workshop !

An unforgettable learning experience in the world of perfume-making awaits you at one of the perfume factories in Grasse. You can discover how a perfumer or “nose” masters the art of fragrance creation while learning about the history of the perfume industry. You’ll see which raw materials are used and how they are extracted. By the end of the program, you will be able to compose your own refreshing eau de toilette and customize it with aromatic notes, citrus family and orange blossom. A fascinating learning experience in the world of perfume.

We highly recommend the Musée international de la parfumerie of Grasse. It is an interactive fragrance museum showcasing the culture, history & manufacturing of perfume through the ages.


Grasse… Everybody knows about this city thanks to Patrick Suskind. With his novel “the Perfume” he did more than anybody else to make the city known all over the world. Grasse, known for its long-established perfume industry is still home to around 30 perfume makers. Large perfumeries such as Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard offer daily tours of their factories and a chance to test your olfactory skills in demonstrations. You can also book your perfume workshop to design your own personally customized perfume! The perfumes of Grasse are something that linger long after you leave for home – especially if you happen to have bought a few soaps, body sprays and eaux de toilette to take home with you.

There is an annual Fête du Jasmin or La Jasminade, the first weekend of August. The first festival was on August 3–4, 1946. Decorated floats are paraded through the town with nice ladies throwing flowers into the crowd. Garlands of jasmine decorate the town center and the fire department fills a fire truck with jasmine-infused water to spray on the crowds. There are also fireworks, free parties, folk music groups and street performers. Also, each year in May an annual international exhibition of roses ("Expo Rose") is held. The city becomes a garden of flowers with thousands of roses brightening up the streets, fountains and squares. 


- Musée international de la parfumerie de Grasse (highly recommended!): Fragrance museum showcasing the culture, history & manufacturing of perfume through the ages-2 Boulevard du Jeu de Ballon, Grasse

- Les Jardins du Musée International de la Parfumerie : 979 chemin des Gourettes, Mouans-Sartoux

- Grasse Cathedral, a former Roman Catholic cathedral in the old town, contains many paintings, including some by Rubens - 6 Place du Petit Puy, Grasse

- Parfumerie Fragonard Usine Historique et Fabrique des Fleurs: from June – Sept, 9u-18.30 - 20, boulevard Fragonard et Les 4 Chemins - Route de Cannes

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