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Cap du Dramont (Saint-Raphaël)

A beautiful hiking tour at 1/2h drive from Villa Terre d’Azur is Cap du Dramont at Saint-Raphaël. As the tour is around the cape, you can take several ways to the lighthouse. You only have to remember to go up to the lighthouse and not forget to go around it via the backside to see the other side of the cape, which is either l’île d’or or the bay of Agay. The views are truely breathtaking!

Back down you have many small coves where you can spread out your towels and enjoy the sea. The second parking (cf below) is next to the plage de cap long which is a beautiful beach framed by the powerful red rocks that close almost the access to the sea.

Cape Dramont is known for its lighthouse which is the most important one of the neighbourhood. In front of the cape you will find “l’île d’Or” or “the golden island” with its square tower on the 200m long rockstone. Lovers of history will know that the allies landed on the beach at the west-side of the cape in August 1944 during the 2nd world war (“Plage du Débarquement”).

You can start the tour either from the parking at the Plage du Débarquement which is interesting if you also pay a visit to the monument dedicated to this important event or from the parking turning right a little past this monument coming from Villa Terre d’Azur, which is at the plage du cap long. The walk is easy and the path is wide. If you will spend some time at the beach do not forget your snorkling gear!

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