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Fréjus, Roman town

Fréjus, the beach resort at 15 minutes of villa Terre d'Azur has a long history, going back to Roman times.


It was Julius Caesar who established a roman military harbor in Fréjus. Its importance was such that the population of the town was greater in the 1st century BC than it is now. It inherited splendid monuments such as the amphitheatre, the remainders of thermal baths and gates and an aqueduct.

The Aqueduct

It is a remarkable aqueduct with very high massive pillars and arcades. The aqueduct captured water at Mons, over 40km away. Location: Avenue du XVe-Corps-d’Armée (at the Aqueduct Park) and along the N7 between the Ave des Aqueducs and the D437 roundabout. There's also a section beside the D637 between the N7 and the autoroute exit 38


The Amphitheater

The oval arena, which seated 12,000 people a few centuries ago is a bit smaller than those at Nîmes and Arles. Although the arena is renovated to enable it's use today for concerts and bullfights it still gives a nice impression of the historic monument. Location: Rue Henri Vadon, at the west side of town, beside the main N7 and the railway.

Open Apr-Sept: 9h30-11h45, 14h-18h15

Open Oct-Mar: 9h00-11h45, 14h-16h15

Entrance fee is only 2€

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